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Endorsed by Shoaib Malik, this helmet lies in the category of one of the best products in the collection of our protection gears which offers the best defense, durability, and security to the player. Since the helmet is a central item in the kit bag of every player and that factor is considered an integral component. The Grille in this product is made of a special alloy which is clearly a symbol of security for batsmen. There is an addition of padding to protect the skull and to defend your head from the effects of harsh bowling.  Moreover, foam temple guards are capable of absorbing shocks and collisions. Then grommets are inculcated in the helmet which keeps the head area cool since batting and matches can be a struggle in harsh climate regions. And if a batsman is performing in longer innings these grommets are an ideal part of their helmet to increase circulation in the head and release accumulated heat in there. So this player quality helmet is a great choice for every professional cricketer out there.

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