Dear Customer,

We are pleased that you are interested in data protection. We would like to give you an easily understandable overview of the data processing practices and our privacy compliance measures in relation to our delivery websites, applications and related services (collectively referred to as “platform” below). Our goal is to provide you with an amazing customer experience while keeping your personal data secure. Trust, transparency and honesty are our leading principles. Your trust in our product is the reason why we can provide you with an amazing customer experience.

This privacy policy applies to all personal data obtained by us through your use of our website or platform application (“app”). It does not apply to any websites controlled by third parties not affiliated with us that our website or app may link to (“Third Party Sites”). The relevant privacy policies set out in the respective Third Party Sites shall apply in those cases.

1.Privacy is your right and the choice is yours

As a customer you have the choice which information you would like to share with us. Please be aware, however, that when signing up to our platform, you are required to accept our terms of use. Legally speaking, this means you will enter into a contract with us under which you are entitled to use the platform, in accordance with the terms of use. Of course, we need some information from you to be able to perform our obligations under this contract. However, it is entirely up to you to choose whether you would like to provide such information or would rather not use our platform.

You can take the following steps to control and manage how much personal data you share with us:

Cookies & web-tracking: You can set your device or web browser to decline cookies and other web-tracking technologies (which is also possible through our consent manager). If you deactivate web-tracking, you will no longer see any personalized contents, offers or ads.

Direct marketing: If you do not want to receive newsletters/text messages from us, you can unsubscribe at any time. In this case, we will not be able to send you any cool offers.

You may also withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data for certain Purposes (e.g. marketing) by submitting your request via email to contact@championsports.pk

2.Your Legal Rights

Right to access

You have the right to be informed which data we store about you and how we process this data.

We will respond to your access request as soon as practicable, in any case within fifteen (15) working days upon receiving your access request. We will also inform you within the timeframe if we are unable to adhere to your request (with reasons) or require additional time to effect the request.

Right to rectification

If you notice that stored data is incorrect, you can always ask us to correct it.

We will respond to your correction request as soon as practicable, in any case within fifteen (15) working days upon receiving your correction request. We will also inform you within the timeframe if we are unable to adhere to your request (with reasons) or require additional time to effect the request.

Right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data

You can withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal data at any time for any or all of the Purposes. Upon receiving your withdrawal request, we may require reasonable time (depending on the complexity of the request and its impact on our relationship with you) for your request to be Processed and for us to notify you of the consequences of us acceding to the same, including any legal consequences which may affect your rights and liabilities to us. Please note that depending on the nature and scope of your request, we may not be in a position to continue providing our services to you and we shall, in such circumstances, notify you before completing the processing of your request.

We will endeavor to process your request within ten (10) business days upon receipt, and will notify you accordingly if we require additional time.

To exercise your rights, you may send in your request via email to contact@championsports.pk at any time and we will process such requests in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our obligations under applicable laws.

You may also delete your account through your user profile on our app or requesting us via email at contact@championsports.pk 

3.An overview of the personal data we process

In this section you can find general information about the categories of personal data we process about you. For your understanding, personal data is information that directly identifies you (such as your name or photo picture) or enables us to indirectly identify you (for example, on the basis of a user ID linked with the personal information in your profile).

You will find more detailed information on our processing activities below, in the next section. But our data processing activities on the platform can be summarized by reference the main categories of personal data:

  1. Profile data (master data)

This includes your name, password, contact number, delivery addresses, pinned location.

Why do we process this category?

This data is your master data, which we absolutely need for our services. Without a telephone number and a password, you cannot create a profile. Together with your name, this is your master data

1.Delivery data

This includes your name, delivery address, phone number, pinned location, order details and customer ID.

2. Orders data

This includes your order history, order ID, notes on orders, information on payment method, delivery address, successful orders and cancelled orders

Why do we process this category?

Each time you place an order, this information will be added to your profile. You can view all this information in your profile at any time. We will use this information to improve our services and optimize the platform for your interests.

3. Location data

This includes your address, postcode, city, country and your device’s longitude and latitude.

Why do we process this category?

We need these data to be able to deliver your orders. We create the longitude and latitude automatically in order to be able to process your delivery address in our other linked systems, such as our Rider app, and to display your address to our riders.

4. Device information and access data

This includes your device ID, device identification, operating system and corresponding version, time of access, configuration settings, and your IP address.

Why do we process this category?

Each time you access our platform, this information is stored by us for technical reasons. We also use parts of this information to detect suspicious behavior at an early stage and to protect our platform.

5. Customer care data

This includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, and your ID from any social media (if applicable).

6. Marketing contact and communications data

This includes your name, email address, telephone number, and device ID.

Why do we process this category?

If you would like to receive an email newsletter, an SMS or an in-app push notification from us, we need certain information to send you the messages. Instead of addressing you with “Hey You”, we find it more customer friendly to address you with your name. This category of personal data is also used by us to contact you, for example, if product cannot be delivered and we want to offer you an alternative instead.

7. Payment data

This includes your payment method, and encrypted, pseudonymized credit card information

Why do we process this category?

We need this information to initiate your payments and assign them to the orders you have placed. We also need this data to store your payment information for future orders (if you give us your consent to do so).

8. Our detailed processing activities and processing purposes

We process your personal data only in accordance with relevant data protection laws. We pay particular attention to the fact that all principles for the processing of personal data are taken into account. Therefore, we only process your data if this is lawful and you can reasonably expect it to be processed.

In order to be able to offer you our services, the processing of your personal data is essential. You do provide us with some of this data proactively by entering them on your device. Other data we collect automatically when you are using our platforms.

We process your personal data for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

  1. Creating and operating your account; delivering your orders
  2. Account Creation

When creating a customer account you will be asked to enter your master data. This is absolutely necessary, as we cannot create a customer profile without this data. Your telephone number is particularly important, as we can use this information to identify you in our system the next time you want to log in again. Furthermore, we would like to ask you to choose your password carefully. Do not use the same password on multiple websites. Your password should also be at least 10 characters long, at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one special character (!?#,%& etc.) and one digit.

Categories of personal data:

Profile data (master data)

Device information and access data

  1. Login to an existing account

If you already have an existing customer account, you will need to enter your registered phone number and password to log in. If we detect irregularities during registration, such as entering the wrong password several times, we will take appropriate measures to prevent damage to you and us.

  1. Order Processing

Once you have successfully registered and decided to place your order, we will store this information in your profile and process it in further processes so that you can submit your order to us. When you submit your order, your personal data is transferred to our backend where it is transferred to other systems for further processing.

Categories of personal data:

Profile data (master data)

Order data

Delivery data

Location data

Device information and access data

  1. Storing your cart for later

After you have logged in to your profile and made your selection, the products will be saved in your profile. If you accidentally close your browser or app, you can continue to the last point of your order. We store this data to provide you with a better ordering experience where you can conveniently continue your order with browsers or apps that are accidentally closed.

Categories of personal data:

Profile data (master data)

Device information and access data

Order data

  1. Delivering your order

Once you have successfully placed your order, a number of processes are running in the background to ensure that your order is delivered quickly

Categories of personal data:

Payment data

  1. Fraud detection, prevention and security of our platform

In order to protect our customers and our platform from possible attacks, we continuously monitor the activities on our websites and mobile applications. To keep the platform secure and guarantee you a safe ordering experience, we use various technical measures to ensure that suspicious behavior patterns are detected at an early stage and prevented as early as possible. To achieve this goal, several software-based monitoring mechanisms run in parallel and prevent potential attackers from damaging our platform.

The decision-making process is automated and could potentially have an impact on the use of your registered account on our platform.. If any such decision leads to a negative result for you and you do not agree with the outcome, you can contact us contact@championsports.pk 

In this case, we will individually assess the circumstances of your case. All of our fraud detection and prevention algorithms are always open to human review. If you think that a mistake has been made we are happy to look into it and make corrections, if necessary.

III. Direct Marketing

  1. App Notifications

We have a strong interest in informing you about new updates, your outfit deliveries or deals when using our app. We are always working to give you an amazing customer experience. To inform you about our new products and deals, we may send you in-app-notifications or push-notifications, if you have chosen to activate this feature on your end devices.

  1. Online Marketing

Convincing potential customers that we offer an amazing customer experience and that every visit to our platform is worthwhile, is one of our key business priorities. In order to reach as many potential customers as possible, we are very active in the field of online marketing and conduct the following online marketing activities to attract new customers to our platform:.

  1. Cookies and web-tracking

In the context of our online marketing activities we also use cookies and other web-tracking technologies. As stated above, these technologies help us to recognize your device and deliver to you only the type of advertisements relevant to your interests. As a matter of principle, our web-tracking technologies will process your device information and access data in pseudonymous form only. This means that we will not be able to identify you as a person on the basis of this data and we will not be able to attribute your interactions outside of our platform to your user account with us.

  1. Social Media Sites

We have profiles on various social media platforms on which we advertise our products and interact with customers. Since we operate these profiles on third-party platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, each time you visit these social media offerings the operators of these social media platforms collect different personal data from you. The social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are operated by Facebook.

  1. Responsibilities

We and the respective operators of the social media platforms act as joint controllers with respect to the collection of your personal data on our social media sites, as well as the analysis of the use of our social media sites by social media users. For this purpose, we and Facebook have agreed on a joint controllership agreement in accordance with Art. 26 GDPR.

Call Center

If you contact us by phone, we may store the conversation for quality assurance purposes. In individual cases, we also use the recordings for quality improvement in customer service, i.e. for training purposes (coaching) with our employees. The content of the information we store depends on the information you provide to us as part of our communications.

  1. How long we store your data

We generally delete your data after the Purposes have been fulfilled. The exact deletion rules are defined in our global policies and supporting local retention schedules. Different deletion rules apply depending on the purpose of the processing. Within our deletion concepts we have defined various data classes and assigned regular maximum retention and deletion periods to them. When the retention period has expired, the stored data will be deleted accordingly.

In addition to the deletion rules we have defined ourselves, there are other legal retention periods which we must also observe. For various legal documents, such as invoices or business letters, applicable laws define minimum retention periods. For example, tax data must be kept for a period of between six and ten years or even longer in some cases. These special retention periods vary according to local legal requirements.

Furthermore, we will continue to store your data if we have a right to do so in accordance with applicable local laws. This applies in particular if we need your personal data for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

  1. Right of modification

We reserve the right to change this privacy notice to ensure compliance with relevant legal and statutory provisions, including the PDPA. We will inform you of any significant changes, such as changes of purpose or new purposes of processing.

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